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At ABVK, we work closely with our clients at every stage of the relationship. This enables us to spot issues before they become major problems, and to provide a service that meets the requirements of the individual client, whatever their sector or specialisation.

Getting started

There are all sorts of reasons for starting your own business, but whatever the reason, it can be a daunting process – and it can also be very distracting. With our help, everything will be simplified, so all of the administration and paperwork is dealt with quickly and efficiently. We know who needs to be told, whether or not you need to register for VAT, what kind of insurances you should consider, and we can advise on what kind of business structure is most appropriate. If you decide you need a limited company, we’ll help with registration, act as your registered office, and help to create and maintain your official statutory documentation. Get started with your new business by calling ABVK today.

Someone to talk to

No matter how good you are at running your business, from time to time it’s always good to have a sounding board – someone with whom you can discuss issues, raise concerns and talk about your future plans. When you work with ABVK, we’ll lend a sympathetic ear when needed, but we’ll also tell you if we think you’re getting something wrong. Our clients get used to asking our advice – and even more used to getting precisely the answers they really need. Sounds good to you? Talk to us .

“We have a problem”

Every business has issues to deal with from time to time – mostly minor, occasionally serious. This is where you need the best possible advice. It might be a bad debt, a supplier problem, an employment dispute, or – the worst case – possible insolvency or bankruptcy. Whatever your concerns, ABVK can show you the best way to deal with them, protecting you, and your interests. For more information, contact us .

T-Space Architects spent some years looking for an accountancy firm that not only services the statutory needs of our company but also takes a genuine interest in our business. ABVK is that firm.

Michelle Gibbons, Practice Manager, T-Space Architects

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